Shapenty 50PCS Black Plastic Tri-glide Slides Button Bulk Adjustable Webbing Triglides Slider Buckle for Belt Backpack and Bags (Black, 0.75 Inch)


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  • Material: Plastic; Color: Black.
  • Inner dimension: 0.75”/20mm x 0.55”/14mm (L * W); Inner mouth dimension: 0.75” /20mm x 0.16” /4mm (L * W).
  • Outer dimension: 1.1”/27mm x 0.9”/23mm (L * W).
  • Webbing threads through the fastener, keeping a buckle secure.
  • Fit for 0.75" wide webbing for backpack or bags.

0.75” Tri-glide sides is made of plastic, it is great use for belts, backpacks, straps and much more.

Ed Nunes
July 18, 2018
Toby O.
May 2, 2018
works great, no complaints
March 19, 2019
I got these to use with webbing for plant presses. Unfortunately, they don't hold tight and slip easily.
L. Conger-Moll
April 29, 2018
I like it , and will order more later
September 5, 2018
The dimensions are wrong, the ad said .75 inch and they are 1 inch.
21 Truck
January 5, 2018
Oddly dimensioned and a liitle on the 'light duty' side. The width is .81" or 20.8mm - a little overly generous for 3/4" webbing, but it works. Slots are deep enough to accept tubular webbing, although flat would probably work better. They're OK, just a little weird - not a heavy duty product, but probably beefy enough for most things you'd be using 3/4" webbing for.
April 14, 2018
I purchased for aprons, excellent pick for this project or light weight uses. I would not use these for heavy back pack of other camping needs. The gripping knurled edge is not very gripping. the groves aren't deep or sharp enough don't hold beyond minimal pressure. groves could have been another millimeter deeper and sharper, positioning is good.
February 9, 2018
Good slides. They feel a bit flimsy.