Keyless2Go Keyless Entry Car Key Replacement for Vehicles That Use 5 Button OUC60270 OUC60221, Self-programming


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  • KEY FOB REPLACEMENT: Replace your lost or broken remote car key fob quickly and easily with the self-programming Keyless2Go key fob
  • EASY DIY PROGRAMMING UP TO 2010: Program your key fob replacement from your home with easy to follow instructions
  • COMPATIBILITY: This keyless entry remote is compatible with a wide range of vehicles from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. Check the vehicle fitment tool above for exact compatibility.
  • PART NUMBERS: This car remote works as a replacement for part numbers Part # 10337867, 15912860, 20935331, 22952176, FCC ID: OUC60270 & OUC60221
  • PRE-TESTED: Each car key replacement comes complete with batteries and has been pre-tested to ensure quality and functionality

December 9, 2018
I paired it on my 2006 Buick Lucerne within seconds and this remote came with a BATTERY! Very good value and it feels solid and also has better feeling buttons than the factory remote that came with my car. For the money buy it if you need one. I got sick of having to smash in the buttons on my old one to get it to actuate my cars remote start feature etc. This one I tap the button in and it just works. Awesome.
Captain Quack
July 9, 2016
we've now gone through four of these units. the two I bought a couple of years ago died within a week of each other after years of great service (I checked. it wasn't the batteries). I ordered replacements because the first ones worked so well and now we've had nothing but problems. the one my wife uses has to be reprogrammed about once a week. just won't hold the codes at all. mine has to be recoded twice a month. and don't code one if you have the other nearby. it will wipe the code. unfortunately I didn't get back with the retailer in time to exchange them but that is not a big loss. just not quite sure what I'm going to replace them with.
the good deacon
November 27, 2018
I got this key fob because my original one stopped working. However the product looks nice but doesn't program to my 2011 Impala.
rohnette mckinney
November 5, 2017
this key fob is just as good as the one from the dealership, came with the battery already in it, took about 2 minutes to program
Eddie East
January 22, 2019
Easy to program my 10 impala hopefully it doesn't need to be reprogrammed anytime soon. I was sleeping on this for months, but now that I have it IDK why I waited so long. If you don't have remote start, the button will unlock least for me.
Tony C.
June 30, 2018
Easy to set up, took me less than a minute. I took a shot with this because a dealership told me my car was not wired for it to be used. Worked just fine and my car does have an alarm.
September 21, 2015
thanks for saving me over $100 from dealer price. The remote starter was easy to program( I did it in about 5 mins) and it works great. What a great deal. Again THANKS